Monday, January 19, 2009

How I came out to my dad......

Sometimes coming out to your dad can be the hardest, especially if you are a guy... here's how one guy did it.

Coming Out to My Best Friend

How did your friends handle it when you came out? What about your best friend?

Coming Out is a Continual Process

You will have to come out your whole life. It's all a matter of choice though. Do you want to be real and honest or hide who you truly are inside? The people that are going to be an ass... well they don't matter. And the people that will love you, that is the greatest gift you could ask for.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

"When I Came Out, There Were No Closets"

Who was the first person you told? DO you wish you told someone else? How did they react? It's a good idea to go to someone that you can trust. In this video, the maker of this film's first person she came out to was her sister.

"I Must Just Be Curious...."

They may tell you that you are "just curious"... uh, think again.... If the signs keep coming up... yeah.... Here's one girl's story of how she heard, she was "just curious", but later realized it was more.

"6th Grade Was When I started Feeling 'Funny' About Girls"

When did you know you were gay? I think we all, always knew, but didn't really know there was a term for it, cause I presume most of our parents did not explain "gay" to us.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Coming Out Story in a Closet

Eh? What did you say? "Coming Out Story in a Closet"? What does that mean? Ha ha, you'll just have to see the video, to get it....